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Creators vs. Company Blogs: Who’s Winning the BOFU Content Game?

Things are changing – fast.

With AI advancing, buyers getting savvier, and search results becoming more competitive, it’s tough to keep up. And let’s not even get started on Google’s increasing love for expertise-rich content or how Google calls it – EEAT.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the world of BOFU (bottom of the funnel) content is changing, and guess what? The future is looking super creator-friendly.

It’s fascinating to see how independent creators’ blogs are pulling ahead of the corporate bigwigs. Especially when it comes to BOFU SERPs, they’re leaving companies – who typically pour loads of cash into backlinks, page experiences, and high-quality content – in the dust.

So, what’s the secret sauce here? Why are these creator-run blogs taking the BOFU content world by storm? I’m excited to share my two cents on this because I’ve had a taste of both worlds. Building BOFU content for my own blog and working alongside company-run blogs to shape their BOFU strategies – I’ve seen it all.

Here are the differences:

1. Extreme Ownership

For creators, their blogs ARE their business, literally. They need to drive revenue, and they know their content is the backbone of their success. So, you can bet they’re pouring their heart and soul into every article.

On the flip side, employees writing for company blogs have a crucial—but different—focus: hitting their KPIs. Often, they care about other aspects of their job, which might mean a less-than-stellar passion for content creation.

2. Laser-Focus

Creators are super-focused, knowing that their top 20% articles can drive a whopping 80% of their revenue. Talk about crushing the old 80/20 rule, right?

Companies, though, try to cover every possible topic like they’re playing content whack-a-mole. Basically, they spread themselves too thin, leading to a fragmented focus and less-than-stellar results.

3. Get S*** Done FAST

Working alone or in a small team, creators can make updates and changes in a jiffy, without having to jump through a million bureaucratic hoops.

Meanwhile, company blogs tend to get bogged down with slower processes and a whole lot of red tape. Result: they lose out by moving at a snail’s pace, and we all know what happened to the Tortoise in the race against the Hare 😏.

4. Authoritativeness

Creators have that real-life experience that just oozes from their blog posts. They’re the go-to experts in their field, and Google’s EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) loves them.

Sadly, most company blogs lack that personal touch and deep expertise that make creators SHINE. So in the battle for readers’ hearts, creators have the upper hand.

While some company blogs still do well, creators are straight-up owning the BOFU content game. They’re nimble, focused, and wildly passionate about their content. And Google, well, it just can’t get enough of them.

The Future: EEAT and Backlinks

I’ve got this gut feeling that backlinks are going to lose some of their mojo in the near future. They’re not the best way to gauge content authority anymore, since anyone with deep pockets can use links to outrank genuinely awesome blogs. But EEAT? That’s a game-changer.

Survival Tips for Business Blogs

Let’s learn from these creative powerhouses, and let’s push ourselves to be more like them. If you’re rocking a business blog and want to survive amidst these changes, let me share some solutions to prepare for the future:

1. Acquire Creator Blogs or Media Companies

Think about it. These creator-run blogs are thriving because they’ve got something you want – a game plan that’s working. So, why not scoop ’em up? Acquisition can be a seriously strategic move to ride on their success.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, capitalize on what’s already going full throttle. Buying up these smaller, successful blogs or media companies not only gives your brand a boost, but also lets you tap into a ready audience who love the authenticity they’ve come to expect.

You’re not alone. In the last couple of years, a TON of SaaS companies have acquired media companies. Some examples: Hubspot acquired The Hustle, Outreach acquired Sales Hacker, SEMRush acquired Backlino and Pendo acquired Mind the Product.

2. Incentivize Content Marketers With Revenue-Linked Bonuses

We’ve talked about how creators are heavily invested in their work because it DIRECTLY impacts their wallets, right? Well, it’s time we brought some of that magic to our teams.

Offering a revenue percentage bonus to content marketers could be a game-changer. It gets your team cheering for those high-impact articles because they, too, hit the jackpot when those pieces perform well. So, motivate content creators with the promise of some sweet profit-sharing, and watch them turn into mini business owners overnight!

For example, you could offer 10% of the revenue earned to the content marketing team as a bonus. There’s no better way to drive extreme ownership from your team members than this.

3. Embrace the 80/20 Rule 🌟

I’ll let you in on a secret, folks. While it might seem like a good idea to churn out content like there’s no tomorrow, it’s often a better move to slow it down and focus on quality. Remember, it’s the top 20% of your articles driving 80% of the results. So, why not put more energy where it really counts?

Spend more time crafting those high-impact, traffic-driving articles that resonate with your audience, as opposed to publishing fluff that no one has time to read.

4. Consult A Creator

Perhaps one of the most valuable yet underrated strategies is capitalizing on the skills, insights, and experience of a creator. These are the individuals who have managed to outshine even the most well-funded corporate blogs. They are clearly doing something right.

Consulting with creators can provide a unique perspective on crafting engaging BOFU content that resonates with your audience. It’s an opportunity to learn from their distinctive tactics in generating high-value content and effective, growth-driven strategies.

Not only does this bring a fresh dimension to your content creation, but it also aligns with the expected shift in Google’s algorithm towards content that exudes expertise and originality.

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with amazing SaaS companies like TestBox, ProProfs, and Hubstaff. Together, we’ve reinvented their BOFU content strategy by learning from the best in the biz – creators!

Now, it wasn’t all a walk in the park. But we rolled up our sleeves and dove right into these content makeovers, driving growth and making those BOFU articles really stand out. And you know what? The results were incredible!

Here’s what TestBox’s Jessica had to say:

Of all the BOFU content pieces Madhav worked on, 53% started ranking in Google’s top 10 (many of them in the top 3) within three months, including posts for notably competitive keywords like “Zendesk alternatives.”

Jessica Greene, Director of Demand Gen, TestBox

What’s the secret sauce? It’s all about blending creator-inspired tactics with solid strategic direction. This powerful combo helped us discover new ways to succeed and create killer content in the SaaS world.

The outcome? These companies boosted their content authority, gave their users a top-notch experience, climbed to the top of the SERP ladder and driven good MRR to their business.

Want to work together?

I’ve helped many SaaS companies (like TestBox, ProProfs, Hubstaff etc.) prepare for this disruption. If you want to re-think your BOFU content strategy, let’s chat and explore how we can work together.

Madhav Bhandari
Madhav Bhandari

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