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LTV CAC Calculator

A lot of SaaS founders ask me how much to spend on marketing. So I created this LTV CAC calculator that uses the LTV:CAC ratio to identify if you’re under-investing or over-investing in marketing.

LTV:CAC Ratio Calculator

LTV:CAC Ratio Calculator

Find out if you’re over-investing or under-investing in marketing.

Are you having a tough time putting together a SaaS marketing budget? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

I wrote an easy-to-read, info-packed ebook where I tackled all those burning questions and show you how to create a SaaS marketing budget template just for you.

I’ve even included real-life marketing budget examples and zeroed in on the big expenses to give you a helping hand. Trust me, this little book has got your back when it comes to planning your SaaS marketing budget like a pro.

Madhav Bhandari
Madhav Bhandari

Tech marketer with 10+ years in B2B driving millions in revenue. I nerd and write about productivity, B2B marketing, entrepreneurship, blogging and AI.

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