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7 Copysmith Alternatives & Competitors from 4 Months of Research

Last updated on September 8, 2022

Copysmith is a valuable tool for eCommerce businesses and copywriting agencies, especially for medium and large enterprises. However, this narrow target audience can also be its undoing when you consider that Copysmith is useful only for high volume requirements within the eCommerce sector and somewhat limited content generation capacity when it comes to long-form content.

Plus, Copysmith can be rather unforgiving as unused credits, that you would have paid for, expire when not used within a specified period! Not to mention that the AI writer ends up regurgitating unusable or repeated content – for which you still lose credits! 

There are a ton of Copysmith competitors that offer free plans, more generous credits, better pricing and a greater number of templates. While looking for Copysmith alternatives, we looked at:

  1. Top features
  2. Pricing
  3. How the Copysmith alternative compares against Copysmith

So, if you are in the market looking for Copysmith alternatives, here are some good recommendations from our side.

I ended up choosing CopyAI out of all the other Copysmith alternatives mentioned here. It's AMAZING. is an AI-powered content generator that can produce and optimize content across the length and breadth of various business requirements. From highly engaging blogs to emails poised to convert – this Copysmith alternative has got you covered on almost all fronts.

There’s a reason why CopyAI has an average 4.9/5 rating on G2 with 1 million+ customers.

Top Features

  • AI writing assistant and content generator
  • 90+ copywriting tools and templates, such as sales copy and website copy
  • Unlimited projects
  • Blog Wizard tool
  • Google Chrome extension
  • 2000 words free every month


Free upto 2000 words/month. Paid plans start from $49 for upto 40,000 words. All plans get all the features and premium content quality.

I also negotiated a sweet deal with CopyAI for you. Use code START COPY and get 40% off your first 12 months.

How Does it Fare Against Copysmith?

Free plan available without entering credit card detailsMore of a general content creation tool with limited support for eCommerce
Paid plans are affordable and come with unlimited capabilitiesThe word-based billing can be rather confusing
Offers great content creation diversity, which makes it suitable for bloggers, social media managers, email marketers, and moreThe learning curve can be quite steep

Why I Chose CopyAI Over Other AI Writers?

In this review, I shared why I chose CopyAI over other AI writing tools & my learnings as a paying customer.

Previously known as Jarvis, is a powerful content creation tool that churns out original, creative, and out-of-the-box optimized content. While this is not one of those free Copysmith alternatives, it very well justifies the expense with an impressive ROI.

Top Features

  • AI writing assistant
  • 50+ content templates, such as product listing, video scripts, platform-specific ads, etc.
  • Surfer SEO integration for better rankings
  • Dedicated plans for short-form and long-form content
  • Free 10k copy credits for new users


Starts at $29/month for a feature restricted plan (with 20,000 words cap). Full feature paid plans start at $59/month (with 50,000 words).

How Does it Fare Against Copysmith?

Supports 5 user seats in the base plan against the 1 of CopysmithCan really mess up technical content as it begins spouting unusable, garbage content
Flexible plans depending on content length and monthly requirementComplicated pricing structure, which works out to be more expensive than Copysmith
Effortless onboarding and training that allows you to get started with Jasper within 2-3 hoursPlagiarism detection costs extra


Writesonic comes equipped with a bunch of AI-backed tools that make it virtually infinitely scalable for all kinds of content requirements. However, its proven expertise in eCommerce product descriptions and ad or marketing copies makes it a fitting Copysmith competitor.

Top Features

  • AI article writer
  • Sonic Editor (content editor like Google Docs)
  • 70+ AI writing templates
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Predictive Scoring to anticipate content performance


Writesonic’s pricing is a little complicated. Your price depends on how many words you want, what quality of output you want and what features you want.

For simplicity, their full featured paid plan costs $49/month for 75,000 words.

How Does it Fare Against Copysmith?

Free plan available without entering credit card detailsContent optimization needs to be done manually for short-form content
Highly configurable paid plans that start as low as $10 to $13 per monthBulk processing is only available for long-form content, while Copysmith allows it for all plans
Short-form and long-form plans can be modified according to content qualityThird-party integrations are limited when compared to Copysmith


If you are looking for Copysmith competitors that are killing it in short-form content, then Anyword is the perfect match. Its conversion-focused approach will particularly be useful to eCommerce businesses seeking Copysmith alternatives. In fact, the website claims to drive conversion rates up by an average of 30%!

Top Features

  • Blog post wizard
  • Website Targeted Messaging generates text specific for different asset types like copies, CTAs, product names, headlines, etc.
  • Custom mode for AI writer training
  • Predictive performance scoring to improve content performance


Full featured paid plan starts at $99/month for 30,000 word credits per month. If you pay $399/month, you can get unlimited word credits per month.

How Does it Fare Against Copysmith?

Offers different plans for small businesses and large enterprises and even includes a free plan in the formerPricing for the “Most businesses” category is not present on the website, which questions transparency
Allows tone customization and A/B testing to discover content variations that will drive resultsThe free plan only offers 1,000 word credits per month, which is low compared to other free Copysmith alternatives
Predictive performance scoring helps evaluate content performance even before publicationBad content output eats into monthly credit limits, which makes it expensive


While SmartWriter boasts proficiency in writing result-driven outreach mail, it also possesses mastery in creating personalized content according to your business requirements. Its ability to produce tailored copies for offline businesses truly makes it stand out from the other Copysmith alternatives on the list.

Top Features

  • Personalized and contextual content creator
  • Smart lead generation and website scraping tool
  • Used for outreach and copywriting
  • One-click email personalization
  • LinkedIn Chrome extension


Paid plans range from $59/month to $359/month.

How Does it Fare Against Copysmith?

Uncomplicated and transparent pricing with 7-day free trialPrimarily focused on lead generation and outreach in B2B sales and marketing
Unlimited credit rollover unlike the credit expiry system of CopysmithLimited content generation capabilities – cold email, LinkedIn messaging, Instagram comments, etc.
Wide range of content personalization strategies/recommendations to improve response ratesCostly (base plan available at $49/month) given the value proposition

AI Writer

As the name indicates, AI Writer is an AI writing tool that can produce original and relevant content at the click of a button. Even though the tool is a relatively new player in the market, it does a fairly decent job of producing relevant content. That being said, one needs to stay vigilant and manually verify the content as some of it may just as well be spun!

Top Features

  • Text rewording
  • SEO-focused document editor
  • Topic and subtopic discoverer
  • AI Writer Content Kit for keyword rich, optimized content


They have three plans – $29/month (40 articles), $59/month (150 articles) and $375/month (1000 articles).

How Does it Fare Against Copysmith?

Allows direct publication to websites like WordPress and offers API accessGenerates unstructured content, which requires manual editing to add subheads, etc.
Easy to use and populates fresh content within secondsLacks plagiarism checker and does not integrate with a third-party solution
AI Writer Content Kit combines keyword research with article writing for an end-to-end content strategyDoes not contain a content export feature for platforms other than WordPress, which means you will have to manually copy-paste content to your eCommerce site

Choosing the best Copysmith alternative

There you have it! These are the best Copysmith alternatives that I could find. I hope this article was helpful in your search for a better alternative to Copysmith.

The best approach to finalise one tool is to look at your requirements (use case, budget, quality, features etc.) and bucket them under – absolutely necessary, nice-to-have and not important. Then look at the Copysmith alternative from this list that matches your requirements. In fact, that’s the approach I take before deciding any tool to purchase.

Here’s what my tool comparison sheet looks like

OR you can consider my opinion

If you need the best quality output, value for money pricing and a vast library of templates, then is the best Copysmith alternative in my opinion. I did the research. It’s great for both short and long form content.

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