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Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which AI Writing Tool Is Better?

Last updated on November 4, 2022

The war between two of the best AI writing assistants in the world.

When it comes to AI content generators and writing assistants, there is no doubt that Jasper AI and Copy AI are the category leaders. When I went searching for an AI writing assistant, JasperAI and CopyAI were two of the highest recommended options in all the blog posts, community discussions and individual recommendations by people.

So I tried both. My goals were:

  1. Help me create high quality copy fast
  2. Help increase my output

I evaluated JasperAI and Copy AI on 5 parameters:

  1. Feature parity & differentiation
  2. General usability & UX – navigating around tools to quickly generate output
  3. Content quality
  4. Value for money
  5. Templates

Both write equally great content, have glowing customer reviews and a huge user base. Both can help you churn out high-quality content fast. Both have a great user interface. Both use GPT-3.

So what’s the difference between Copy AI and Jasper.

Stick till the end of the post to know which one I eventually chose.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Pricing

Naturally, budget is the first consideration that comes to play when considering two comparable options. So, let me begin the Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison on pricing.

First, we have Jasper AI, which has a highly flexible three-tiered plan that depends on your usage. The Starter Plan starts at $29 per month for 20,000 words, while the Boss Mode begins at $59 per month for 50,000 words. Jasper AI also offers a custom plan for businesses, for which you will have to get a quote.

With Copy AI, you also get three plans. The Free Plan is available, of course, for free for 2,000 words per month. The Pro Plan starts at $49 per month for 40,000 words and supports 5 user seats. Like Jasper, also has an Enterprise Plan for businesses requiring 20+ seats.

The Verdict

This Jasper AI vs Copy AI match is close, especially when one figures out that both Copy AI Pro and Jasper Boss Mode are available at $99 per month for 100,000 words. However, call me a softie, but I’ve got to hand it over to Copy AI for its free plan. Sure, 2,000 words may not be a lot, but it may be just enough for a freelancer or a small business that is just starting out.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Templates

Templates help with content generation in their typical formats. Whether you wish to send an email or draft a social media post, you can pick the template of your choice as the AI writer does the work for you. Given this role, it would be interesting to see how the Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison holds up on this front.

Jasper comes equipped with 50+ templates such as:

  • Text Summarizer
  • Creative Story
  • Product Description
  • Personal Bio
  • Google Ads headline
  • Amazon Product Features
  • Blog Topic Ideas
  • Instagram Photo Captions, and more

On the other hand, Copy AI claims to have more than 100 templates like:

  • Digital Ad
  • Press Releases
  • Email Templates
  • Job Descriptions
  • Social Media Content
  • Short Bio, etc.

Copy AI also boasts of 90+ copywriting tools for generating SEO titles, acronyms, TikTok ideas, Instagram captions, product descriptions, etc.

The Verdict

Alright, so Copy AI, with its 100+ templates, would naturally appear to be a winner in this category. But I noticed that most of these are repetitive or just minor modifications of a core template.

For instance, if you check out the templates under the “Personal” category, you have a series of Thank You – to friends, for wedding gifts, for graduation money – each of them listed as a separate category. Honestly, that just feels like a lot of fluff just to pump the numbers. Sure, Jasper AI, too, has some amount of redundancies, but each category is distinct to quite an extent.

So, Jasper AI wins this round.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Ease of Use

All the glitz and glamour of Jasper AI and Copy AI would go in vain if the end-user could not use them. For this reason, it is the next criterion for Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison.

Both Jasper AI and Copy AI borrow their content editor layouts from the likes of Google Docs and Microsoft Word.


Such a design imparts some familiarity, making it easier to adopt these platforms. They support standard keyboard shortcuts and auto-save your content on the cloud so that you do not lose any progress.


However, Jasper AI stands out in this regard as it offers pre-built workflows, called “Recipes,” that make it easier to generate content using Jasper. Plus, the Boss Mode supports “Commands,” where you can tell the AI writing assistant what to do.

Jasper AI offers a series of free courses that can help users get started. Plus, it enjoys a thriving community to aid and support other users. Copy AI also has similar offerings with tutorials and live demos, but the Creator Community appears to be veiled.

The Verdict

I must hand it to Jasper AI to develop a highly intuitive and comprehensive solution that can cater to various business or individual requirements without overwhelming the user.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Features and Integrations

Jasper AI offers a rich suite of features such as a plagiarism checker, voice command, dictation, image generator, etc. And what it lacks through its in-house feature set, it makes up for it with integration with third-party tools like Grammarly, Copyscape, and Surfer SEO.

In my experience, Copy AI is slightly more limited in its capabilities in comparison to Jasper AI, especially since it cannot perform search engine optimization or check for plagiarism on its own. At the same time, the lack of integrations can be quite a disappointment.

The Verdict

Jasper AI steals the show with its impressive set of features and flexibility for third-party integrations.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Who Should Use What?

I’m pretty sure that you must have made up your mind on what you’d prefer through this Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison. So, let’s do a quick round-up of what fits where.

Jasper AI justifies its cost well with an impressive features, integrations and end-to-end content creation capabilities. The reason their content quality is so good is because they have a great flow of giving inputs to the AI writing assistant (that leads to better output). But that comes at a cost – a complicated user interface and expensive pricing.

On the other hand, Copy AI had an easy user interface, affordable pricing, better content output and unlimited templates to create whatever content you want.

If you’re somebody who wants to get started quickly and more customization, buy CopyAI (great for advanced content creators).

But if you’re somebody who likes to follow a process and a set workflow, Jasper is the better option (great for beginner content creators).

For me, Copy AI was a clear winner as I wanted more customization and an easy to use UI. So I purchased their annual subscription as you only pay for 9 months.

*LIMITED TIME DEAL: Upgrade to a paid plan within the first 4 days of signing up using above link and get instant 40% off.

If you’re interested, I’ve written an in-depth review of Copy AI and how I use it.

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